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Our Treatment Philosophy

Orthodontic Vision

Our goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care and achieve an excellent smile for all of our patients.

To accomplish this, we strive to:

  • Give special attention to our patients needs and wants
  • Utilize the best orthodontic techniques, technology, and products
  • Make every effort to ensure each patients comfort during treatment
  • Be considerate of our patient's time
  • Promote life-long excellent oral health
  • Provide a pleasant orthodontic experience

Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment approach is founded in providing a healthy and balanced smile that will last a lifetime using state-of-the-art-technology and techniques. To accomplish this, customized goal-oriented treatment planning is important and involves key factors such as:

Tooth Esthetics - Tooth shape, size, and color; height-to-width proportions; and contours.

Smile Esthetics - Smile width and fullness, proper amount of gum tissue, position of gum tissue when smiling, and curve of upper teeth with lower lip.

Facial Esthetics - Facial harmony created by optimal positioning of the lips, upper and lower jaws, and chin.

Chewing System - Correct positioning of the jaw joint in relation to the position of the teeth to each other when biting. This promotes stability in the jaw joint, supports the chewing muscles, and encourages long-term health of tooth structure and supporting bone and gum tissues.

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